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Hardware Setup Overview

The following pages guide you on how to setup the hardware of your robot (either DiffBot or Remo).

  • 3D Printing is only relevant for Remo robot (not DiffBot). Here you will learn which parts to print and some suggestions to configure your slicer.
  • Electronics provides instructions to connect the single board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi), microcontroller (e.g. Teensy) as well as the other components such as the motor driver, motors and laser scanner.

    Preview of connection schematic

    The bread board view from Fritzing shows the connection schematic. Both models (DiffBot and Remo) use slgithly different hardware (e.g. motor driver) which you can see in the following:

    Remo Fritzing

    DiffBot Fritzing

  • Assembly give instructions to assemble Remo robot.