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3D Printing

This page provides help to 3D print the parts of Remo robot. It contains information about configuring your slicer, suggestions to orient the parts and where support material is recommended to avoid failing prints and wasted PLA material.

The table below gives an overview of the required parts of Remo and the average printing time:


Remo robot is a modular robotics platform which means you don't have to print all parts. It is often possible to choose between different variants. For example:

  • SBC Deck
  • LiDAR Platform
  • Camera Mount
Qt Part File Material Time Notes
1 Chassis chassis.stl PLA
1 Caster wheel caster_base_65mm.stl and caster_shroud_65mm.stl PLA Print both parts of the caster wheel
1 SBC Decks raspberry_pi_deck.stl or jetson_nano_deck.stl PLA Select one depending on used SBC
1 LiDAR Platform platfom_rplidar_a2.stl or platfom_rplidar_a1.stl PLA Select one dependin on used LiDAR
1 SLAMTEC USB to Serial holder slamtec_holder.stl or jetson_nano_deck.stl PLA
1 Camera Mount camera_mount.stl PLA


Caster Wheel

Qty Part 3D View
1 caster_base_65mm.stl

SBC Decks

Currently there are two different decks you can print, depending on which SBC you are will use:

Qty Part 3D View
1 platfom_rplidar_a2.stl
Qty Part 3D View
1 jetson_nano_deck.stl

LiDAR Platform

Qty Part 3D View
1 platfom_rplidar_a2.stl
Qty Part 3D View
1 slamtec_holder.stl

To be announced.

Camera Mount

Qty Part 3D View
1 camera_mount.stl

You can choose between the following camera adjustment mounts:

Qty Part 3D View
1 Raspberry_pi_CAM_holder.stl
Qty Part 3D View
1 OAK-1_adjustment_mount.stl
Qty Part 3D View
1 OAK-D_adjustment_mount.stl