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Move Base Flex

DiffBot Move Base Flex

As described in the move_base_flex ROS wiki:

Move Base Flex (MBF) is a backwards-compatible replacement for move_base. MBF can use existing plugins for move_base, and provides an enhanced version of the planner, controller and recovery plugin ROS interfaces. It exposes action servers for planning, controlling and recovering, providing detailed information of the current state and the plugin’s feedback. An external executive logic can use MBF and its actions to perform smart and flexible navigation strategies. Furthermore, MBF enables the use of other map representations, e.g. meshes or grid_map This package is a meta package and refers to the Move Base Flex stack packages.The abstract core of MBF – without any binding to a map representation – is represented by the mbf_abstract_nav and the mbf_abstract_core. For navigation on costmaps see mbf_costmap_nav and mbf_costmap_core.

This diffbot_mbf package was created using catkin-tools using the following command:

catkin create pkg diffbot_mbf                                       
Creating package "diffbot_mbf" in "/home/fjp/git/ros_ws/src/diffbot"...
Created file diffbot_mbf/package.xml
Created file diffbot_mbf/CMakeLists.txt
Successfully created package files in /home/fjp/git/ros_ws/src/diffbot/diffbot_mbf.

Additionally the following Ubuntu packages are required dependencies of move_base_flex:

sudo apt install ros-noetic-mbf-costmap-nav

Another working example for turtlebot3 can be found in the turtlebot3_mbf package.